Cuisine Of Nepal & India

Nepalese Cuisine reflects the unique geographical position of Nepal, which is wedged between India to the south and Tibet to the north.
Curry, Masala, Tandoori Spices are of great importance in Indian cuisine. Many dishes in sauce are made with masala, a mixture of spices that characterizes each recipe and is often called "curry".

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Chicken breasts cooked with onions, ginger and green peppers

Chicken Jal Frezi

special food

Prawns marinated with Tandoori spices and grilled.

Prawns Tikka

special food

Chicken breasts marinated with Indian spices and grilled in Tandoori

Chicken Tandoori

special food

Lamb filet, grilled and cooked in Masala recipe.

Lamb Tikka Masala

special food

Lamb, cooked with ginger, onion, garlic and pepper.

Lamb Bhuna